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Better lives with AIngels™.


...Smart AI Solutions that enhance your life.

We strive to improve quality of life by combining AI and SmartTech.

Designing smarter ways to help you do the things you have to do so you can focus on the things you want to do.



In the past...

individuals relied heavily on community, family, friends and professionals to help you with personal & family health, safety and security.


access to personal, low cost SmartTech has the potential to create smarter ways to enhance health, safety and security.

In the future...

Instead of using SmartTech that gives you additional workload and things to worry about, Intelligent Wearables will give you smarter ways to manage the things you have to do while reducing your overall stress and effort, enhancing your family's overall quality of life.

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Intelligent Wearables means Better Quality of Life.

The next frontier in AI and SmartTech is creating smarter ways to do the things you have to do.

In the future, AI will process and interpret the information generated by SmartTech, reducing the number of things you have to think about resulting in improved health and wellness for you and your family.



Simon Han

Identifying Opportunities and Needed Resources

Chairman & CEO

Robert Parent, MBA

Translating Market Opportunity Insights into Consumer Solutions

President & CTO

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Kevin Guan(Peiyi Guan)

Creating Usable Consumer Technology Solutions

Head of Products

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Advisory Board


Carolyn McGregor

Specializing in Identifying Patterns and Insights from Information to Create Intelligent Decision Support Systems

Professor - University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Canada Research Chair (Alumni) in Health Informatics

AM, PhD (Comp Sc), B. App. Sc (Comp Sc, 1st Hons), SMIEEE, MACM

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