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Real Time Location - One touch “Where Am I?” locator button, including location history 



Helping You Live Longer

Helping build longer lives

Your personal wireless activity & health tracker

  • Real time location & history
  • Health insights

  • Multiple sensors

  • Activity tracking

What Health and Fitness devices should be

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Expected launch date: Fall 2019

AIngels on Guard & Companion App

Connects you with each loved one and can be paired with multiple smartphones

Coming soon for iOS & Android 


Mobile App (beta)

Login & Sign up screen




Battery level - Aingels on Guard™ Device tells you when it is getting tired (25% battery life warning) and needs to rest and recharge (15% battery life warning)



Next Generation Health – Advanced personalized analytics that creates usable health & fitness insights

Health Trends – Detects the wearer’s bio-patterns (total activity, regular/irregular activity patterns, temperature changes) using multiple sensors (heart rate, sleep, activity level, calories burned, and more...) 

Socially Responsible -- Option to contribute each wearer’s health and wellness data to expand the standard health guidelines based on height, age and gender 

Smart Safe Zones -- Enhanced geo fence with entry and exit time trigger

GPS/Cellular Signal Strength -- Get notified when GPS or cellular signals are weak 

Secure -- Encrypted cellular -- GPS (4G network)  

Private -- Limited encrypted demographic and health information stored on cloud server 

On Body Detection -- Get notifications when the device is taken off the wearer 

Water Resistant -- IP67 rating - like all other fitness devices 

SOS Button -- Your loved ones can let you know when they are in trouble and need help


Temperature Monitoring System – Get alerts when your loved one is too hot or cold  


Family Calendar -- Put all of your family's events & activities in one place


Technical Specifications



GPS Tracking 




Water Resistance

Approx 65mm x 45mm x 15mm 


4G North America with worldwide roaming




Heart Rate, Accelerometer, Thermistor


400 mAh Li-ion

Magnetic charger

IP67 Rating


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Expected launch date: Fall 2019

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